Signs of a Cheating Wife – What About the Heartbreak?

Why does it have to hurt so much collecting the signs of a cheating wife?

You know that you have to make sure all your ducks are in a row, that there is no room for error. You’ve bought the books, read them and are following their advice on how to gather evidence on her. The software has been bought and is gathering information day and night. What about the knife of agony that is thrust through your heart? How can you deal with the uncertainty, the hurt pride and the broken heart? BEST WIRELESS TRAIL CAMERAS

It is usually impossible to tell where exactly your doubts began unless you caught her in bed with someone. Most of us have to admit that the doubts started gently, slowly, due to no obvious event. Grow they did, though.

Some signs of a cheating wife:

* Maybe it was coming home from work and the toilet seat was up when it was down when you left and no other men were supposed to have been there during the day.

* After a while, you may have asked yourself why the house was such a mess lately.

* It could be that you found some new underwear of hers that you hadn’t bought of the type she usually wouldn’t get for herself.

However it started, doubt began to grow. the stronger the doubt, the more suspicious clues you found. You’ve read books on how to gather evidence, what triggers and feeds an affair, what other signs of infidelity you could watch out for and you even have electronic spies backtracking her e-mails and cell phone calls.

This is all fine and good. Results are coming in. Yes, it sure looks like she is having an affair.

Some examples of the pain associated with the mounting signs of a cheating wife:

* Her lies are mounting as is the pain in your heart.

* You go someplace and people give you funny looks. What do they know you don’t?

* Leaving home in the morning is an agony of uncertainty. Is someone waiting for an all clear signal even as you drive away?

* Is she picking up some disease that you won’t know about until it’s too late?

* Pride is stomping on your spirit with big boots.

* Sorrow oozes from every pore on your spirit like acid.

* Uncertainty adds a bitter taste to every moment of the day.

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